Why is React JS Gaining so much Popularity? Let’s Throw Some Light on it!

Creating attractive user interfaces for websites and mobile applications has been quite a daunting task until the invention of React JS. Now, you must be thinking what exactly react is? Or how can you get familiar with it? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this article, we are going to introduce you to React JS framework, why is it so useful for you and how does it differ from other front end technologies. So, let’s dive in!

What is React JS?

React is termed as an efficient and declarative Javascript library that is primarily used for creating user interfaces. It incorporates isolated pieces of codes called “Components” that let you build interactive and complex UIs, especially for single-page applications.

Why should you Learn React JS?

React JS is unquestionably one of the best and frequently used Javascript frameworks whose demand has been tremendously progressing with time. Web development companies around the world have been building interactive web applications with React JS as it has made the task quite painless and fun as well.
Its efficient features and easy adaptability keep this amazing JS framework in demand. Along with this, the developers who have a high command over React JS are being valued more than others. If you are still not convinced for learning, we have some other reasons too that will surely tempt you to learn React JS immediately.

React is Declarative

React uses simpler and an adequate framework to create apps by using declarative instead of imperative syntax. It includes fewer chances of human error as you just need to outline your requirements.

React’s Wide Approach

React JS offers a great philosophy to its users with “ Learn once, Write anywhere”. It describes that once you learn the basic principles or the architecture of React, you are competent in building diverse apps for both Android and iOS.

React is Component-Based

The component-based feature of React aids in saving your money and time as well. The feature allows you to break down the interface into reusable components which ultimately leads to the generation of compelling user interfaces.

SEO-Friendly by Nature

React embraces SEO in the most positive way as its components are easier for Google to crawl.

What Makes React JS Different from other Front-End Frameworks?

React has surely changed the game of front-end development and made a strong impact on the industry. Let’s see what makes it stand out of all the other frameworks.

Server-Side Rendering

The engaging thing about SSR is that the application can pre-render the underlying state of a view before demonstrating it to the user. SSR is additionally incredible for search engine optimization (SEO) since most search engines have a simpler time crawling and comprehension pre-rendered HTML views.

The Virtual DOM

The working of virtual DOM includes the modeling of two copies- the original and the updated version of DOM. React captures the differences and apply essential operations to update only those parts of the UI that are actually altered and hence, overcome the previous lapse of SSR.

React Native

Unlike other JS frameworks, React Native allows you to introduce UI components in Javascript that eventually accumulate to native codes for both Android and iOS. This simply means that you can build mobile applications for both the platforms by simply using the power of React and make them function as if you built them in their native languages.

JSX Files

By going against the opinion of separating form and function, React prefers to offer pre-eminence to form a single JSX file by encapsulating Javascript and HTML. This forms the base of the component-oriented structure that illustrates a single UI element.

Final Verdict

React JS has been the in the trend for quite a while now and after comprehending its demand and popularity, there is no one who can combat his/her temptation of implementing it. Having command over trending frameworks will surely put you ahead of your competitors. Web applications built using such innovative framework is embraced by users and developers as well. The users get in touch with interactive UIs whereas the developers get the comfort of building those UIs in a much simpler and creative way. So, what are you waiting for? Start your Journey today and thanks us later!

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