Top Features of Laravel 6.0

Laravel has launched its latest version in the market, Laravel 6.0, which comes with newer and improved features over the previous Laravel 5.0. Laravel is an open source PHP framework used in web development. The platform helps simplify processes involved in authentication, caching, etc., to facilitate faster and smoother web development.

Top Features of Laravel 6.0

Some of the best features offered by the latest version include:

Semantic Versioning –

Laravel 6.0 is equipped with the semantic versioning standard, which helps ensure the framework’s consistency with all other first-party Laravel packages already following this standard.

Compatibility with Laravel Vapor –

Vapor is an auto-scaling platform designed for Laravel that facilitates server-less deployment. It also helps easy management of Laravel applications on AWS Lambda, while interfacing the former with SQS queues, databases, Redis clusters, neworks, and CloudFront CDN.

Newer improvements with Ignition –

Laravel 6.0 is powered by a new exception detail page called Ignition, designed to offer improved exceptions to the framework. Advantages include better Blade error file and line number handling, runnable solutions for common issues, code editing, exception sharing, and improved UX.

Better Authorisation Responses –

The newest version can now recover and display custom authorisation messages to end users, explaining to them why exactly a specific request was denied. This wasn’t possible with earlier versions.

Job Middleware –

You can now wrap custom logic around execution of queued jobs, thereby reducing boilerplate in the jobs themselves. The logic can be extracted into a job middleware so that you can keep your job’s handle method free of rate-limiting responsibilities.

Lazy Collections –

These enable you to work with extremely large datasets using lesser memory space.

Summing Up

Laravel has already achieved success with earlier versions but Laravel 6.0 intends to supplement the already powerful features with improved enhancements.

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